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See it: Man makes mini replica of 'A Christmas Story' house (News) 3/23 8:57A Cris Belle
*** Related video: 'A Christmas Story' house listed for sale *** SANFORD, Fla. (WJW) -- With Easter right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with a miniature replica of... "A...

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2023 Camps and Summer Programs Guide – Spring Edition

Northeast Ohio Parent 3/31 4:45A Northeast Ohio Parent Staff Writ
The April issue also features the 2023 edition of our Camp and Summer Programs Guide, a pull-out guide to help you plan your children’s summer adventures. It also includes...

Room to Grow: Local Moms Share Their Nursery Inspo

Northeast Ohio Parent 3/30 5:35P Shana O'Malley-Smith
From reading stories and rocking your baby to sleep to getting dressed and starting the day your baby’s nursery is where you’ll spend a good amount of time together during those first years. We talked...

Benefits of Plugging In at Camp

Northeast Ohio Parent 3/30 5:24P Lydia Mockensturm
It’s hard to believe it’s already time to start thinking about summer camp again. Everywhere you look, you might be seeing options for art camps, soccer camps, or dance...

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10 Best Things to Do in Cleveland in April

Cleveland Traveler 3/30 5:19A Dale
There is a lot going on in Cleveland in April as the city finally moves into spring. This is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy the spring blooms in and around the...

Online Forum Looks at Ohio’s Repressive New Voting Laws

Cool Cleveland Events 3/28 11:25A Anastasia Pantsios
Mon 4/3 @ 6:30PM Last summer, The New Yorker magazine ran a piece explaining that Ohio is no longer a functioning democracy in any meaningful way, with a GOP supermajority government that breaks the...

Could Ohio Be the New Silicon Valley? Hear Author Make the Case

Cool Cleveland Events 3/28 10:14A Anastasia Pantsios
Mon 4/3 @ 7PM Author/journalist Rebecca A. Fannin hails from Fairfield County, located southeast of Columbus on the edge of its metro area and Applachia. She was an Ohio University grad who worked as...

Yards Project Opens Group Show of Artists Who Blend Media

Cool Cleveland Events 3/28 9:56A Anastasia Pantsios
Photogram Mechanical Salsa by Bruce Checefsky Thu 3/30 @ 5:30PM Yards Project curator Liz Maugans, she of the boundless creativity, has come up with yet another intriguing concept for a group show at...

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Fans React To Maurice Hurst Workout Video

Browns Nation 3/31 12:11P Ernesto Cova
(Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images) The Cleveland Browns might have struck gold by signing Maurice Hurst Jr. The talented DT spent all of last season on injured reserve with a torn bicep, so they...

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Recipe Adventure: 11 Curry Recipes to Spice Up Your Life

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 3/31 12:30A kaputk
Is there anything quite as comforting as curry? Whether you like it mild or mega-spicy, there’s little that’s more soothing than the taste and aroma of spices like cumin, coriander, turmeric and...

Everything You Should Know About the Benefits of Squash

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 3/31 12:30A coolicc
Just like apples, the varieties of squash are seemingly endless — all with their own unique flavors, shapes and textures. But is squash good for you? Registered dietitian...

Growth Market: How Rosemary Oil Can Help Your Hair

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 3/31 12:30A hortonj4
The key to growing longer and healthier hair may come down to seasoning. Using rosemary oil for hair growth exploded as a TikTok trend over the past year. Nearly a billion...

Know Your Treatment Options for COVID-19

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 3/31 12:26A bigleyj
Infections disease specialist Tricia Bravo, MD , points out that most of us have encountered COVID-19 by now, whether from an infection or being around someone who was sick....

The Science Behind Zombie Viruses and Infections

Health Essentials | Cleveland Clinic Blog 3/30 12:30A bigleyj
Zombie fiction has grown increasingly popular over the last several decades, but the origin of zombie outbreaks varies based on its source material. In George A. Romero’s cult...

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